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Weekly Writing Spark~September 24th, 2012 || via

We all have set backs in life, often they leave us feeling deflated and ready to give up. 

Write about a time when despite set backs you persevered and everything you hoped for happened.



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2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Spark~September 24th, 2012 || via

  1. Dear Belinda,

    My biggest set back had been that I have been trying to write for the longest time, and I always used to push it back because other family members used to say that Writing was not a career and that I should get a real one. So for many years, I pushed it aside and went on to college and got my Bachelor’s of Arts Degree with a major in Spanish and a minor in English, and then went on an became an educator and taught English for two years in Brownsville, Texas which is my hometown. Then, in 2003 I moved to Raleigh North Carolina with my fiance at the time whom later became my husband Jeremy Stein, and I earned my North Carolina Teaching license and became a Spanish Teacher. I really loved it since I am bilingual, and I really enjoyed teaching. However, I always missed the writing. Sadly, there was a hiring freeze in North Carolina and in 2008, I took a break and went back home for 10 months and go to spend time with my ailing and beloved Grandmother Consuelo. Then after, she passed later in June of 2009 we came back to Raleigh and I went to work from home as a customer service representative and I was also pregnant with my little girl. We already had two boys. Times became hectic and hard when my husband was layed of from his job for a bit, so my working from home kept us a float, however I was not able to dedicate anytime to my writing. This made me very sad. Thankfully, my husband later obtained a great job with a good company and he has been working there ever since. He is the one who encouraged me to dedicate my time to my craft and I have been writing ever since. I am the happiest I have ever been, and I am learning and meeting people like you Belinda, Melissa Foster and her amazing World Literary Cafe and her wonderful team of authors, like Emerald Barnes, Stacy Eaton, etc. Then there is Melissa Foster’s Awesome Support Team wow it has been amazing and everyone on that team is great! Then there is also Micheal Rivers, The Book Doctors ( David Henry Sterry and arielle eckstut). Let’s not forget Victoria and her Exchange Fan page, Leslie Garcia- Heather Schuldz on linked in and the wonderful Writers and there are so many others! But my biggest supporters have also been my family
    husband, kids, Mom and my faith in God! So even after the set backs it has been all worth it to be where I am now and I know that Writing is what I want to do!

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing Syl! In my opinion the world is a much better place because we now get to read your wonderful writing! 🙂 Our mutual writing community is brilliant with so many wonderfully supportive & talented individuals! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you ~ you are a true gem!

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