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Creativity Affirmation Card~October 30th, 2012~via

My creativity is a gift and brings great joy to my life!


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Weekly Writing Spark~October 29th, 2012 || via

With Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast, it serves as a reminder of how powerful nature is. We often overlook the fact that in mere seconds we can be brought to ruins and humbled by nature.

Write about what happens when we lose sight of mother nature’s wrath.

Reflect and write

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Weekly Writing Spark~October 22nd, 2012 || via

What lurks in the dark?

Everyone holds in their mind dark and light thoughts.  With Halloween around the corner, reach into those dark areas and create a terrifying tale suited to the season, centered around the monsters that already live in your neighborhood.

Get creative and have fun!

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Weekly Writing Spark~October 15th, 2012 || via

Mark Twain once said “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth isn’t.”

What event in your life or one dear to you is so surreal that it would make an interesting story?  Would it be believable? Which genre would it fit into, horror, comedy, thriller or romance?

Reflect and write