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Day in the life of Author May Woodworth ( @MayWoodworth ) ~ Guest Post


Since my time is spent in two locations (city and country), for my ‘Day in the life’, I chose to give you a glimpse into a day in one of my happy places. From a tree laden homestead in New England, I wish all of you a happy Spring. I know it is Spring, not from looking outside, but because the calendar says so. This morning greeted us with a weather forecast of more snow. No kidding. Going into the second week of April and more snow is on the way. I drowned my sorrow with gads of coffee and an extra large cinnamon swirl muffin.  Bleary eyed, I gazed at the woodpeckers at the suet feeders, I kept telling myself that Spring would come. Someday. Today though: 35 degrees. After a quick shower, I shoved hair into pigtails, and piled on the many layers I required, I dragged my butt outside. If it weren’t for my girls, I wouldn’t. But my momma hen radar was on. I knew they were squawking for me. Sure enough, as I neared the coop, I heard them. Opening their coop door, I was greeted by my bright eyed and bushy tailed girls. After brief morning hellos, they took off to explore the grounds, pecking at any patches of earth. Coop cleaned, food trays filled, water changed, sand raked, and buckets of waste dumped in the compost, I took some time to hang out with the girls.  Don’t believe anyone who says chickens aren’t social or have personalities. They are, and they do. After corralling them back to the safety of the kennel, I head back inside. The wood stove, and my latest work in process was calling me.  I planned on spending the week in my writing cave (next to the woodstove), but first I needed to make enough food to meet every craving I could possibly have and feed my homesteading partner. So, I made a sh*tload of food. A week’s worth. Now I could write. Wrong. Next was a trip to the library to stock up on research books. They know me well there. Then, just when I thought it was safe to write, the tree removal guys pulled up. They did all the hard work, but clean up was up to us. Log after log, branch after branch, twig after twig. We moved them all, and it needed to be done before dark. Dinner=(thank you slow cookers) Finally, after the girls were tucked in, the kitchen cleaned, the emails and promotion taken care of, it could have been writing time, but instead, we decided a cozy fire was in order.  Thanks to my homesteading partners penchant for torching , we had us a nice bonfire. After that, when normal people would probably start thinking about bedtime, I escaped into my plant filled office (after downing a coffee), clicked on the pink fairy lights, and turned on my beloved Acer laptop. Me and him, we go way back. Who knows where I will be five years from now, but I know this; Writing will always be a part of my life because I make room for it. There is always time if you make time. Making time for everything, spending time in two different locations, I had to figure out how to make it all work. I did. I write deep into the night. Peace, May

May’s New Release:


Not only are toxic partners dangerous physically, they can damage your self-esteem and affect decision making. You focus on surviving each day instead of thriving. After a lifetime working for women and families, May Woodworth explores why some women attach themselves to toxic partners, and why they have difficulty unsticking from them. In her debut non-fiction, Sticky Girls, Why Women Stay In Bad Relationships, May approaches dependent relationships in a compassionate manner, giving guidance, and offering solutions to woman who feel stuck. Keep attracting the wrong type of guy? Do you stay invested in toxic relationships well past their expiration date? Have you ever been on the receiving end of relationship abuse? Do you have a relationship pattern that you would like to change? Are you ready to explore why you behave the way you do? Sticky Girls is for you. Getting unstuck is not impossible. With the right tools, you can make it happen. About May May’s books explore women’s self-esteem, parenting struggles, personal growth, and empowerment. After years in social services and early childhood education, she has now carved out time to explore her new passion: writing. Sticky Girls (Non-Fiction, Self-help) Arrow Publications LLC, (book 1 in a women’s empowerment series) releases February, 2015. Heart of the Hurricane, 2014 (Romance, Drama, Fiction), Big World Network, is available in print, e-book, and audio-book. May also published over 14 romances under a pseudonym between 2010-2014. Where to find May: May’s Amazon Page May’s Blog May’s Facebook May’s Twitter



Writer, Creativity Coach, Artist, Book Reviewer, Amateur Photographer, Lover of Psychology/Neurology, Armchair Archaeologist, Palaeography Nut, Coffee Addict, Book Worm, Tea Lover & Hubby's Grossly Under-Paid Bass Roadie 😊

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