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Catching up with author Micheal Rivers ( @Micheal_Rivers ) #AmazingAuthor

Recently I was able to catch up with #AmazingAuthor Micheal Rivers.  Last time I spoke with Micheal was during our previous interview back in the spring of 2013 (here). Looks like fans will be happy to see he has big things happening on the horizon.

Author Micheal Rivers

Welcome Micheal, it’s been a while since we last spoke

It’s been too long. With our schedules we don’t talk nearly enough.

I understand you’re pursuing different genres…What have you been working on?

I actually have two in the works that are a different genre. I believe they may raise some eyebrows when they are released. One in particular, which is titled Robin Peace, is a story a few people may get a little angry with. It does reflect the way many people are thinking at this point with world affairs.

What inspired you to change genres?

I have a lot of stories in my head that I want to get down in print. It just happens they are not in my usual genre. It’s a little excitement in my life. The world is wide open. When I see or hear something that sticks with me it can bring on what if, and then it’s an open end run for the goal line.

In general what inspires/motivates you to write? 

Inspiration comes from a thousand places at once sometimes. I never could pinpoint any one thing that produces inspiration for me. I only wish I could write when I want to. The motivation comes from not being able to control the passion. As an author you cannot always write situations or events as they really are. There is such a thing as respect or consideration for others even when you are wielding a pen.

What message do you hope your readers walk away with after reading your books?

There are times when I sneak in tiny bits of wisdom for my readers. I do so without the intention of interfering, but with a morsel to try and get them to think about what was written. There are things out there we will never understand and yet they exist; it’s up to us to find the answers to the riddles.

Are you a plotter (do you outline) or are you a “pantser” and  prefer to just see where an idea leads you? 

I have tried outlining and still do to a degree. The outline works for me, and yet it goes out the window when the character decides he has his own agenda. Makes you wonder who is controlling whom. My storyboard is the main- stay of my work. It is confusing to others looking at it, but it makes perfect sense to me.

Do you ever get writer’s block and how do you work through it?

I do not get writer’s block. I work through the tale until I am satisfied with where it is going. That is another reason I can work on more than one manuscript at the time. I have six in the works at this moment. I have no problem separating the characters and I know where the stories are going. I just have to decide on how I want to write it. With enough Pepsi, cigarettes and Twinkies, you can rule the world.

What does your average work/writing day look like?

That is a tough question. Life changes every day so getting a set time for me is like watching a train wreck in progress. It is the peripheral things that drive me insane and does not allow a set schedule. I do research, answer emails, and a host of challenges to keep me company. The greatest challenge is myself; I have to have the right mindset before I can lay down the first word for the day.

What challenges do you find (if any) in changing genres? 

I think maybe the greatest challenge is Mike Baugham. (You know Micheal Rivers, the guy who writes the paranormal stories.) Will anybody recognize the name or will they say there is a new writer in town?

Can you tell us what is coming up for you and where can we find you online?

In the future there are a number of books. I have a sequel for The Black Witch. This one is where it all began for the schooner. I have a mind bender entitled Scratch. There is a sequel to Moonlight on the Nantahala. The coup de gras is Robin Peace and another, which is untitled. They are out of my genre. The others, which I have to look forward to, are lain out for their execution and maybe I will live to be a hundred and get them all.

I can be found at

Amazon Books:

Thank you Belinda, it was great talking with you today. Hopefully, our schedules will permit us to talk again sooner. We’ll turn the tables next time and I’d love to have you on my blog.

Micheal Rivers



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