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Character Interview and Upcoming Release by Author @MaryAnnKempher

Today I’m interviewing two of the main characters from MaryAnn Kempher‘s exciting series, Under the Moonlight.  Ladies & Gentlemen Jack Harvey & Curt Noble… Welcome!

You two have been friends through thick and thin?  Has there ever been a moment when you both wondered if your friendship would stand the test of time? What is the secret?
“I’ll take this one,” Curt said. “I have to say after getting shot during the Virginia Lake murder investigation, I really questioned whether or not being friends with Jack was worth it.”
“Thanks a lot buddy.”
“No, but seriously,” Curt said, smiling over at Jack. “we lost contact for a few years, but Jack was there for me when I needed him. I don’t forget that kind of loyalty. And now with the detective agency, I think we might be stuck with each other.”
“Oh great,” Jack said..
Dead Last Cover
Jack, you’re quite…ahem….”appreciated” by your female fans and rumour has it you might just have a love interest in MaryAnn’s new book Dead Last? Inquiring minds need to know? What about Amy, do you still think about her, do you foresee her making an appearance in the future?
“I do still think about Amy, a lot, but you know these things happen. People want different things and we just were never on the same page, if you know what I mean. I’ll always think fondly of Amy though. I thought she would one day be my wife, but it wasn’t meant to be. As for seeing her again, never say never, but I get the feeling I won’t see her in the near future.”
Curt, in Dead Last you endure a hair raising experience how (if at all) does it change you? How do you see the world now?
“Working as a private detective comes with inherent risks. I knew this before we opened. Let’s just say, I’m re-evaluating my future with the Harney/Noble Detective agency.”
Jack, you’ve taken the scenic route working in law enforcement first Reno PD then Security on a cruise ship now a PI, what’s next, secret agent, Bond, Jack Bond? What do you prefer?
Jack laughs. “Well, I did get offered a job with the FBI, but I turned them down. So who knows, if the detective gig doesn’t pan out, maybe I’ll take them up on their offer.”
Ok guys…we want the dirt on Nene & Gaga, what do they get up to next and are they really as uh….”quirky” as they seem?
Jack and Curt looked at each other and chuckled. “I don’t know which of those ladies is the most, as you put it, quirky,” Jack answered, “but they are both a lot of fun to be around. You never know what they’ll be up to next. I think I heard Nene say they might be going on another cruise.”
“Oh,” Curt said, “I feel sorry for the security team on that cruise. I’m kidding, I’m kidding.”
Final question, where do you hope to find yourself in the next book, do you think you have any sway with MaryAnn? Perhaps if you beg she’ll put you on a nice beach in Tahiti? What do you think?”
“Heaven knows I could use a vacation,” Jack said, “but I don’t see that in the cards anytime soon. What about you Curt? You planning on taking a vacation?”
“What? And leave all this?” He laughed.
Check back next week for more info on MaryAnn’s New Release ~ Dead Last!

More about Author MaryAnn Kempher

MaryAnn Kempher Photo

MaryAnn Kempher is the bestselling author of the Under the Moonlight murder mystery series; with quirky characters and witty dialogue, her books will test your crime-solving skills, tickle your funny bone, and keep you guessing until the very end.

MaryAnn lives in Tampa Florida with her husband, two children, two dogs, two guinea pigs, and one cat.





I would like to thank Jack, Curt and MaryAnn  for taking a few moments to catch up with us! 😉 If you’re looking for a great read, please stop by her links to find out more about her wonderful work.




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