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Review of The Thirst (Harry Hole #11) by Jo Nesbo via @RandomHouseCA

I received a complimentary ARC copy of The Thirst (Harry Hole #11) by Jo Nesbo from NetGalley in order to read and give an honest review.

Jo Nesbo returns with The Thirst, the eleventh instalment of the legendary Harry Hole series.

Three years after retiring from the police force Harry is leading a seemingly “normal life”.  He is now happily married with a family and is a professor at the local police academy. For once Harry is content with his life and finally feels a sense of belonging.  When a horrendous murder draws Harry back to his former profession it ends up putting his new life is at risk.  A female user of the popular dating app Tinder is found dead in her apartment, her body drained of blood.  When more bodies appear, the police fear the worse. When Harry realises that the perpetrator is “the one that got away” he is determined to put an end to the murderer’s reign of terror and pursues his white whale.

I loved The Thirst, although somewhat gruesome, there is an intensity to the plot that leaves you on the edge of your seat and guessing to the very end.  Well written it draws the reader in, taking them on one roller coaster of a read. Nesbo has created characters that are complex yet relatable on some levels, and you instantly root for them to pull through.  Considering this is the eleventh book in the series, I liked the fact that the backstory is given without it overwhelming the reader.

In my opinion, The Thirst is a book you want to read with the lights on and I’m sure it will be enjoyed by both new readers and long-time fans of Nesbo.



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