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Weekly Writing Spark~September 10th, 2012||

You have the opportunity to join any “fictional family”. You can be a sibling, parent, child or distant cousin.  Write about an “interesting” family dinner.

Get creative and have fun!



Weekly Writing Spark~September 3rd||

Sometimes when you have had a horrible day, often it only takes one person’s kindness to change your mood.  Talk about someone who has done this for you. Was it a child, a spouse or a complete stranger?

Reflect and write!

Weekly Writing Spark~August 27th||

Some of us have some quirky rituals, whether it’s using a certain pen when we write or following a certain procedure before we begin creating.  What is the strangest ritual you perform or have witnessed someone doing when beginning any creative work?

Reflect and write!


Weekly Writing Spark~August 20th||

What is a goal you were told you wouldn’t be able to accomplish, but tried and triumphed over it regardless?

Why did you attempt it despite being told you couldn’t?Who doubted you?

Where did you find the courage to try? How did it feel?

What is the next goal you will tackle?

Reflect and write!

Weekly Writing Spark~August 13th||

We all have those days when nothing goes right and the world seems to be conspiring against us. When we have endured a bad day one way to overcome the residual feelings is to write things out. Start by recounting the day.  If you could change what happened what would you do?
What can you do tomorrow that will make it a better day? 

Now try to focus on what is going well for you, start with “I am thankful for….”

Reflect and write!

Weekly Writing Spark~August 6th||

They have finally colonized the planet Mars and you have won an all expense vacation.

What are your thoughts about taking the trip?  What do you pack?  Once there, what is it like?  Where do you stay? What activities do you do while on vacation?

Get creative and have fun!

Weekly Writing Spark~July 30th||

Is there a certain place that holds a special spot in your heart? A place that feels enchanted to you for one reason or another? Is it real or imagined? Does this place have beauty or does it have a certain ambiance? Or, is it the memories of the place that haunt you?
Write about your enchanted place.
Get creative and have fun! 🙂

Weekly Writing Spark~July 23rd, 2012||

Every family has at least one quirky member who has an outrageous story.  You know the sort of tale, the story that seems to be told at almost every family gathering.

Revisit a story that various family members have told and retold.  Use this story as inspiration for a piece of fiction.  Can you expand on it?  Use your imagination and think of details and dialog that would add to the story.

  Get creative and have fun! 🙂

Weekly Writing Spark~July 16th||

Sometimes the little things we do for others can mean the world to them.  Oftentimes total strangers will step up to do a good deed, without expecting anything in return.  What is something you can do anonymously for another that would make them want to pay it forward?

(“Pay it forward” is a term that describes doing a good deed for someone without expecting acknowledgement or payback, instead asking the person to continue the chain of goodwill by doing something good for another person.)

Reflect and write!

Weekly Writing Spark~July 9th||

Although, not all surprises are good and not everyone is fond of them, what was a pleasant surprise that was memorable for you? 

Write about what happened and why it was so meaningful.                                                                                           

Reflect and write! 🙂

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