Journaling to Add Spark to Your Life!~Course

Initially, journals were kept as a matter of record.  People would document events that happened to keep a historical account to pass down to future generations.  Now newspapers, blogs, videos, and media are the mainstay although many do still use journaling as a tool for documentation, many more seem to use it as a form of expression.

The process of putting pen to paper is therapeutic as it allows one to get the mass of emotions, ideas and information that is often jumbled and bouncing around inside one’s head out and in some structured form.    All of the clutter that is in a person’s mind can cause turmoil, stress or distract one from the important things that need to be their focus.

Journals contain private thoughts committed to paper and need not be shared with others, which allow you to get your emotions down without censoring or fear of condemnation.  Creating a dedicated time throughout the day to journal is also therapeutic in itself; by giving yourself permission to spend time on yourself is a healthy indulgence.  Journaling also helps with planning and transformation.  Recording dreams, goals and wishes can help you keep your focus on your desired outcome, plan how to get there and keep you honest with yourself about your limitations and progress.

The written word is a powerful thing. Words provoke thought, act as a release, ignite creativity, and hold within them the power to heal.  Journaling can be an incredible life-changing process and the purpose of this self-paced e-course is to introduce you to the benefits of journaling and help you along the way with what is hoped will be a life-long journey!

Stay tuned for more details!

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